Visual Patch Maker

Visual Patch Maker Visual Patch binary patch maker for creating software patches & software updates Patch is a software development tool for building software patches and software updates. This binary patch maker features DeltaMAX data compression for faster software deployment and integration with software installation and patch management tools from vendors like Installshield, Lumension, Patchlink, Shavlik, Indigo Rose and others. Improve your software distribution and patch deployment systems with this software patching tool designed for software

Visual Patch Create secure software patches and updates with Visual Patch 2.0
Visual Patch

Patch 2.0 have a distinct advantage. Unlike some other products, Visual Patch`s full-history patching ability can update any version of your software to the latest release. You have full control over which versions of your software can be patched with a single executable. Your users won`t have to worry about finding multiple patches and applying them in the correct order as they would if you used other, less sophisticated patch builders. Visual Patch

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ActivePatch 1.2: Used to create a patch of a single file or an update for a complete product.
ActivePatch 1.2

Patch is a software development kit that enables developers to create their own update in the form of a patch, and integrate the patch application process directly into their own software. It can be used to create a patch of a single file or an update for a complete product, modifying existing files, removing unneeded files, and creating new files that have been added. Using ActivePatch has a number of important advantages over the common methods

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Visual Patch Express 1.0: The fastest and easiest way to create secure binary patches for your software
Visual Patch Express 1.0

patches for their software. Featuring state-of-the-art DeltaMAX binary difference compression and a streamlined interface, Visual Patch Express makes patch creation simple and uncomplicated. There’s no scripting or programming involved - just a few wizard questions to answer. Select the folders containing your old version and your new release and then customize a few messages to personalize your patch. Click on "build" and Visual Patch Express

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PatchBreeze 1.4: Complete tool for building compact updates of your software! Very user friendly!
PatchBreeze 1.4

PatchBreeze`s features: * ability to rollback to the previous installed version of software if updating went wrong for some reason * the size of generated patches is one of the smallest in the industry * extremely high speed of patch generating * integrated compression technology * ability to update the whole project including all files and folders * extensive error checking during the patch creation as well as the patch application operations; so

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PatchWise Free 3.29

PatchWise Free is an easy-to-use patch generator that helps to create patch packages for software and file updating. These packages are small size self-extracting executable update programs in famous installer style and can be distributed over the Internet. With PatchWise Free, everyone, even a beginner, can prepare his patch package in minutes. It is an easy way to make patches for meeting the frequent demand of updating. Being distributed as Freeware

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PatchFactory 3.3: Comprehensive solution for creating reliable full-history software updates
PatchFactory 3.3

patch building algorithm and innovative program interface. The innovative features of patching engine include cumulative patching to bring all in-field versions up-to-date using a single self-extracting executable, comparing files of any type and size, improved high-speed of patch building and flexible control under ratio "time/result" with the help of different comparing methods selection. Among the new patch applying features are customizable dialogs

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